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This famous village of Pelion is the perfect combination of mountain and sea. As it is amphitheatrically constructed on a green slope, it has a unique view of the Aegean Sea and it is surrounded by magnificent beaches and bays. It has always been the village of artists’, which makes it the most popular village in the area. There are magnificent mansions, traditional neoclassical buildings and stone-covered alleys. They are all constructed in a style consequent to the aesthetics dominant in the mountainous villages. The flower filled gardens full of, the eternal oak trees and the chestnut trees create the perfect scenery for relaxation.

The beautiful churches on the four squares have lent their names to the central neighborhoods of the village. The oldest one is Taxiarhes, next come Agia Paraskevi with the one-thousand-year-old oak tree and Agios Stefanos whereas the neighborhood of Agia Kiriaki, extended in the south part.

For those who are fond of nature and trekking, Tsagarada is the ideal destination. The most popular route starts off the neighborhood of Agia Paraskevi and leads to Damouhari with its beautiful natural harbor a cross the forest with its amazing springs and bridges. From Agia Paraskevi square there is a path leading to Taxiarhon neighborhood. The brave visitors can also go to the beaches on foot.

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